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    Today I' m going to be helping you guys out by giving you some simple fixes for that pesky open tray error! All of these have worked at least once f. I' ve sent my console in for repair 8 times to Xbox and gotten a brand new console every time. Each time I' ve sent it in, it has been for the same reason: it always gets the " Open Tray" error. This video is for XBox owners who are experience the " open tray" problem. Fix the " open tray" problem on your XBox 360. Fix the Xbox 360 open tray error. So my little brother has a 360, i' ve been taking it apart day after day moving the laser to the front of the 360. making sure it worked. So my friend brought over his modded XBOX that was showing " Open Tray" every time he tried to play a game. I had fixed this once before on another box, and. This is a short tutorial showing you how to fix the problem and showing you what causes it.

    View a list of Xbox 360 error codes and learn. Order a new Xbox 360 Hard Drive from our Xbox Online. “ Reading" and then " Open tray. " Use the Xbox 360 Disc. I' ve dealt with the open tray error. Hitting the Xbox is what cause the slow down of the power for spin. Xbox 360 slim * open tray* help. I' ve had the open tray on my 360 for about two years. I just keep using it - all you have to do is tap/ knock/ smack softly on the top of the 360, above the disc drive, while it is trying to read the disc. Xbox 360 stopped reading discs. Please follow my scenario as to what is causing the OPEN TRAY error on my.

    This fixes the OPEN TRAY error 100 % of the time on. Learn what to do if the disc drive on your Xbox 360 can’ t read discs or won’ t open or close. Xbox 360 Disc Drive Solution. Error & Status Code Search. Do you insert a movie or a game into your Xbox 360 only to have it go right back to " Open tray" or " Unrecognized Disc"? When a game is inserted, the Xbox still says " open tray. " I have googled this and found it to be called " open tray error. " Is there a way to fix this? When I put a game I my Xbox360 it says " reading" but then it will say open tray, and it just started doing this how do I fix it? Moved from Community Participation Center. Xbox 360 Disk Tray Won' t Open?

    Xbox 360 disk tray wont open. This will cause the elastic band to harden again. Most of the time it reads them, but once or more times a day it gives me the dreaded ' Open Tray' ntinue reading Open Tray Error Xbox 360. The most important thing is to know what causes the. Six Simple Ways to Fix the " Open Tray Error" for XBOX 360' s. This video shows you how to fix the annoying " Open Tray" error that you will occasionally get when you turn on your XBox 360 console. You turn your system on and even though the tray is shut and has a disc in it, it says you left it open. Hello, I have searched everywhere, my xbox has the open tray error. I cleaned the laser eye, i cleaned the spindle, and now the disk is atleast spinning. Now it says reading and the laser will barely m. For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " " Open Tray" error. The DVD tray of the Xbox 360 is very fragile and constant use can cause it to stick. This can make it difficult to place disks into it and over time can damage the disks and the tray itself.

    What causes the Xbox 360 open tray error? Why is my Xbox 360 disc tray too small to fit a normal DVD? Ask New Question. Help with the " Open Tray" problem. Look up a tutorial on how to do it, I think it' s called " xbox 360 double click error" or " xbox 360 open tray error". The Xbox 360 Open Tray Error or Disc Unreadable This issue is usually caused by a worn out or fading DVD laser. It' s a very common issue with the Xbox 360' s and we have successfully fixed hundreds of systems with this issue. Everything and anything related to the Xbox 360. News, reviews, previews, rumors, screenshots, videos and more! Free Xbox 360 with Open Tray error. Xbox 360 technical problems. 10% were power issues and 7% were disc tray malfunctions. The error is caused by a solder joint under the GPU or Video output chip. Xbox 360 Elite heating up solution and " Open Tray. long periods of use and causes the back of the Xbox to become.

    Open Tray Error Xbox 360. Troubleshooting Steps to Xbox 360: Open Tray Error - Video Game Consoles & Games, Tip, How- To and Do It Yourself Directions. It' s a very common issue with the Xbox 360' s. How do I fix the open tray problem? xbox 360 S drives are also paired to the console. some models are even impossible to hack. so a drive board swap is lbourne Xbox 360 Repair Replacement DVD Drive. Discs getting scratched caused by optical laser focal. Open Tray Disc Drive Error Repairs: Xbox 360 Mods. An open tray error can be caused by. i recently bought GTA 5 and installed the first disc to my xbox 360 fine but then when i tried putting in the second. Xbox 360 Slim will not read.