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Nobody responded, so I looked through the source code to find the answer. 3 Server Error Codes and Messages. Error: 1172 SQLSTATE. The mix of handlers in the partitions is not allowed in this version of MySQL Error. Error: 1172 - SQLSTATE: 4 ER_ TOO_ MANY_ ROWS. result consisted of more than one row insert, mysql 1172 error, mysql 1172 insert, mysql err 1172,. Bug # 1172: Some types of join queries with " force index" option cause server crash: Submitted:. Line 629 + 0x1d C+ + mysqld. MySQL InnoDB Deadlocks and Duplicate key errors ( 1213, 1205, 1062) Programming. I have find out the cause of the issue. It turned out that there was a TRIGGER AFTER INSERT on the table that I was inserting data, and inside the trigger was a SELECT INTO statement that was returning more than one row. I tried using CURSOR but I still got the error message.

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    Insert error mysql

    So I tried to put that second SELECT statement of mine inside the INSERT statement like this. INSERT INTO table_ name ( columns,. ) SELECT_ STATEMENT. Here is the stored procedure i created and when i run in it shows the error: Result consisted of more than one row how do i fix. see MySQL reference about the. MySQL プログラムは、 サーバーがエラーを返したときに、 いくつかのタイプのエラー情報 にアクセスできます。 たとえば、 mysql クライアント. メッセージ: 表 ' % s' は LOCK TABLES でロックされているため、 INSERT DELAYED を使用できません。 エラー: 1166. エラー: 1172 SQLSTATE: ER_ TOO_ MANY_ ROWS ). メッセージ: 結果が. This is what I get: mysql> INSERT INTO ` location` ( countryId, countryRegion, lat, lon) - > SELECT 15, NULL, 32. Error Code: 1172. Incorrect check when SELECT INTO + UNION, moreover invalid data: Submitted. with values mysql> insert into t1 values ( 1. 1 into ERROR 1172. it is my first time to create a stored procedure in mysql.

    What it does is, first- get count of all records second- loop through that table 1 by 1 third- compare each entry if it is a ding Hello im having a hard time with this stored procedure. im getting the error: Result consisted of more than one row. here is my stored procedure: DELIMI, ID # 4263867. Error: 1150 SQLSTATE: HY000 ( ER_ DELAYED_ CANT_ CHANGE_ LOCK) Message: Delayed insert thread couldn' t get requested lock for table % s. Strange insert: ERRORView as plain text : This is so weird! I' m getting a: ERROR: Result consisted of more than one row I' ve setup 2 machines. I' m building a stored procedure that needs to pick up of a call history table the columns: day, month and year and turn them into days. When I run the code below, MySql shows the following message: Error Code 1172. KEY or using UNIQUE INDEX for two columns. sec) mysql> INSERT INTO ali VALUES ( 2, 1) ; ERROR 1172. PRIMARY' mysql> INSERT INTO ali VALUES ( 3, 4) ; ERROR. MySQL said: # 1172 - Result consisted. you should have it done correctly by imposing some sort of UNIQUE on the error code. INSERT INTO ozekimessageout.

    You must make sure, the queries that only need one row, just return one row. For example, your query uses into sentence: SELECT ` SellingUnitPrice` into netItemAmount FROM ` TBL_ PRODUCT_ MASTER` WHERE ` Id`. I am new to MySQL and have a trouble with the simplest INSERT statement. I have an associative table invoice_ line_ item, which have a compound primary key consisting of foreign keys from three tabl. error 1172 occurs. if the MySQL client software is installed on the remote machine,. INTO queries give result sets with more then one record. The WHERE filters are incorrect - they compare two the same values StoreID = storeId. Rename IN storeId int parementer to another name. クエリーが行を返さない場合は、 エラーコード 1329 で警告が発生し ( No data ) 、 変数 値は変更されないままになります。 クエリーが複数の行を返す場合は、 エラー 1172 が 発生します ( 結果が 2 行以上です ) 。 このステートメントが複数の行を取得する可能性が. Trigger to silently ignore/ delete duplicate. ( A, B) on them because it will give error on insert.

    Instead I want MySQL to. it gives me ' ERROR 1172. I' d say the problem is here : SELECT DISTINCTROW ` cost` INTO ld_ cost FROM ` prod_ itemcost` WHERE id = ls_ id;. and caused by this returning more than one row. How you solve it depends on your requirements. 5, this error message is replaced by ERROR 1553. Error: 1172 SQLSTATE: 4. Foros del Web » Programación para mayores de 30 ; ) » Bases de Datos General » Mysql » Error 1172 al hacer un insert. Respuesta: Error 1172 al hacer un insert. The Event Scheduler writes information about event execution that terminates with an error or warning to the MySQL Server. scheduler status:.

    error 1172 SERT INTO _ _ besteld_ voorraad ( artikelid, besteld, voorraad, controle) ( SELECT items. artikel_ id AS artikelid, items. Above correction is just to get rid of " Result consisted of more than one row" Error. The problem is that the CHECK constraint does not work on the. 06 sec) mysql> insert into. into mytable ( age) values ( 25) ; ERROR 1172. Prevent Large Transactions in Group. Records: 1 Duplicates: 0 Warnings: 0 ERROR: No query specified mysql> insert into. I had this problem and found it went away when I used both table name and column name in select statements, even simple ones. MySQL Error Codes: List All Error Codes. 1172: SQLSTATE: 4. ( CR_ SERVER_ GONE_ ERROR) MySQL server has gone away:. 3 Server Error Codes and Messages;. Error: 1172 SQLSTATE: 4 ( ER_ TOO. more error messages can be found in the MySQL error log Error: 1202.